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Home Staging and Holiday Decorating


Hen House Designs  also offers home staging services and holiday decorating!

Are you selling your home or just in need of a little rearranging to help you fall in love with your space again?  We can help!  Contact us today to see how we can help you to make your space more beautiful.  

Most of the time, just rearranging a few things you already have can make a world of difference in your space.   If you need a few new things to enhance the space, we can help with that too! 

When selling your home, it  is extremely important to de-clutter your space and de-personalize it so that a perspective buyer can see themselves in the space.  By using the appropriate furnishings and decor, your home will be much more attractive and sell faster than one that isn't staged properly.  I can help you to decide what to keep, rearrange and remove in order to achieve the desired results.


Holiday decorating and party decorating services are also available.  We can set up a simple party or do an elaborate Christmas display, depending upon your needs. 

Do you love the look of a beautiful door display for the holidays or at each change of season?  We can make your door a show stopper!  


​The holidays are always a stressful time.  If you would love your home or office decorated, or perhaps just the Christmas tree done, we would love to do what we can to make your holidays easier so you can focus on the more important things.  Whether you need all new items to decorate, or choose to use what you have, the decision is totally up to you.  Our rates are hourly and will require a free consultation to assess your needs.